Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye Session 80

Tonight, I exported my Session 80 blog and imported into this blog account, then deleted it. Earlier this week, I deleted my Wordpress blog and imported it here too. This is all in a move towards simplification.

I think a big part of this move to consolidate my content is due to Google's recent streamlining of services thanks to Google+. The streamlining makes it easier to do things that previously required a bunch of other services. Google+ inspired the consolidation because of all the features it has, combining the best of what makes the other services useful.

Previously, your blog pics were deposited into Picasa; but, if you wanted to add a photo, you had to upload or provide the link to the photo in your Picasa album. There was no way to access your albums. With the addition of Google+ and the new version of Blogger, it is now possible to add any photo or video hosted in your Picasa account. My photo posts previously had to be done through Flickr or Posterous.

Videos used to require you to copy the embed code. Now posting videos from Youtube is much simpler from within Blogger.

Remember Slide? Picasa does some of that.

Posterous allowed me to post via mobile device. I can do that on Blogger through the Blogger app or by email.

I could go on and on about what Blogger and Google products do now that used to require outside services; but, I won't.

Simply note, my online presence is slowly converging into one account.

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