Monday, July 11, 2011

In case of zombies

*What bugs me about zombie movies*
Too often in apocalypse zombie-type movies, surviving non-zombies live in relative comfort. If utility workers don't show up to work, you have a short while before your utilities shut off on their own, or become unusable. Electricity is the main factor.
Municipal water treatment plants need water and electricity to do their job. Assuming water flows via gravity, electricity is the limiting factor to run pumps and other equipment.
Assuming a power plant continues to operate on its own for a few days, I don't know how long a power plant can run without people, water needs testing, chemical treatment, and physical cleaning. Even newer plants that use UV light to sanitize water require periodic decrudding. So, you may get water; but it wouldn't be safe.
I don't know enough about natural gas. I think some of it has natural pressure. But at some point, it would need pressurizing to complete long distance travel. Fortunately, gas is easily replaced by anything that burns.
We don't give sewage much thought. Again, electricity. While there is power, toilets work.
Electricity also powers gas pumps. How the heck are you going to get gas out of underground tanks? Especially with zombies running around trying to eat your brains?
Suffice it to say, you need to worry about potable water and non-perishable food once the lights go out. The rest of your challenges can be overcome. There are some things you could figure out with a generator and a source if fuel to run it; but you won't get far using that for water and sewage.
In case of zombies, you have to think of these things. You need a zombie emergency plan so that you don't have to figure things out the hard way. Your survival is at stake.
While you're at it, a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, tsunami, or general disaster plan couldn't hurt. Should be easier than a zombie invasion.

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