Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Google Threw Me Under the Bus and I'm OK With It

At last month's Social Media Club RGV meeting, we talked about mobile marketing, which included ideas on how to use Google Buzz to reach local audiences. Google Buzz had a layer on Google Maps that you could use to browse geotagged posts on your phone and on the desktop. I've posted about it before. I've made some online friends via this method. So, the launch of G+ threw my presentation under the bus; but, I'm ok with it knowing what's coming up.

Well, a couple weeks after showing others how to use Google Buzz for location-based marketing; Google launched Google+. Great service; I love it. BUT, they removed the Buzz layer on Maps and nixed the Google Buzz widget on Android.

Much of the check-in functionality and location-based posting that came with Buzz has been transferred to Google Plus. Well, that is except for the ability to browse nearby posts on a map. They did add a Nearby post viewing option in the mobile app. But, it doesn't do much good until all users are transitioned from Buzz to Google Plus. This may happen in the coming weeks...or months.

Basically, I'm starting over with blank canvas and a reduced audience of people capable of viewing Google+ posts. Adoption won't be widespread until Google+ comes out of the "field trial", meaning required for everybody.

I'm very excited at the possibilities that the geotagging features offer once they become standard for all users. Now, I'm torn between posting to Buzz where there are still users and building content for the new audience. I'm hoping that at some point Google will merge Google Buzz and Google Plus posts into one stream so that old location-based posts in Buzz will transfer in.
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