Saturday, May 27, 2006

Trip postponed

We decided, earlier this week, to postpone our trip to Wisconsin by a week. We had not considered that Memorial Day is this weekend. We prefer low traffic when traveling. Other factors influence the decision as well. For one, my mother still has not received her unemployment check, which will pay her gas. My wife and I are waiting to interview, over the phone, for a couple jobs. She's a shoe-in; I have a pretty good chance. If that job doesn't pan out, I have a backup job. My wife decided, on the spur of the moment, to migrate with me. She canceled her classes and financial aid for the summer. We'll take advantage of the next few days to make sure our van is ready for the trip. Of course, our daughter also has a couple days to go before school ends. We have our work cut out for this week.
There are some ramifications of my wife's decision to go up north with me. By going, our family will become migrant. There are programs set up to help migrants for which we would qualify. Of course, if she goes, the children go. This means that we would need somebody to watch over them. The boy might be able to attend the school where we'll be working. The girl may be able to stay with another girl a couple years older than her who is too young to work. We have a good idea how childcare will go. I mentioned in another post that she would be earning two paychecks this summer. One from Headstart and one from her summer job. Of course, I would be earning good money too. This means that I'll keep the van with me and my wife will bring a newer vehicle with her. I don't want to worry about her van breaking down with her and the kids on her way back, so we'll get her something newer. I'll stay on in Wisconsin for a longer period.
The place we are going to is about an hour away from Minneapolis-St. Paul in Minnesota. We'll have the opportunity to visit the Mall of America. I've also never seen Lake Superior; I intend to visit this Summer. In any case, we are locked in to going this week because we have to go to Oshkosh, which is on the other side of Wisconsin, for training. The state isn't as big as Texas, but there are curvy roads with lots of hills and small towns to pass. Driving at night is also slightly hazardous with the deer. Many migrants smash the crap out of their vehicles when they hit deer. Once in a while it even kills the deer.
We have not set a route yet. One route takes us through Arkansas and Illinois. The other route follows I-35 all the way north and then hang a right. Since we should head towards Oshkosh, the first route may be best. Of course, it all depends on whether we get the job or not. Chances are good, but we need to be open to a different possibility in case things don't pan out.

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