Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Time with the family

Today was a slow day for me. My daughter went to school. My wife is on her summer vacation. Our son still stays home. We watched a movie, made some phone calls to get an idea of our situation before we leave. We went to my in-laws for a barbecue. We enjoyed peace and freedom.
Today, being Memorial Day, the History Channel showed Band of Brothers. I love that series. You can't help getting choked up sometimes when you watch it. For me, it's almost like watching The Passion of the Christ. You know what happened, intellectually; but you don't connect with the brutal reality until you see it. The series is probably not as graphic as the real thing, but it's still a good reminder of the sacrifice our soldiers endure for their country. I, for one, am grateful to our soldiers for what they do. I also understand and admire their mindset in accomplishing their missions no matter what, whatever it may be. It is this level of focus and dedication that I admire in our soldiers. Although some may not understand why they choose to fight and even re-enlist, what matters is that our soldiers do understand. For that, I will always be humbled.
Let us thank our fallen heroes for preserving our freedom. Let us remember that they have paid the ultimate price for liberty so that we do not have to pay the ultimate price in fear and oppression.
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