Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I think I figured it out

Just a quick run-through on my background thinking.

There is no “purpose”. We’re just alive. We must meet the needs to keep ourselves in that state; i.e. we must eat, drink, procreate, etc… We can easily take care of those basic needs by working and earning money.

Another necessity is to fill the time that we are alive with activities that interest us. Much of our time is spent working. Different people have different interests and engage in different activities in their free time.

In searching for a “purpose” I have been looking for some grand unifying concept that ties it all together. Some people are able to make their survival need fit in with their interests like sports figures, politicians, actors, etc.. In my case, I have many interests, so finding ONE purpose is futile and is probably driving me nuts.

So, I should simply work for my basic needs at whatever job and then do what I like in the rest of the time. No more struggling to unify my life under one glorious career or job that will make my life complete. I like many things, which makes it impossible to find the one thing that will make me happy. I’ll stop trying to fit the one-interest mold.

Are you a focused one-interest person or a general multi-interest person? Have you always known this or did it take a while to find out?

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