Monday, April 24, 2006

good ideas

I’ve read some posts by others with this goal. I like the idea of not wanting so many things. I also need to let go of stuff. I’ll be gathering some stuff for a yard sale at my mom’s. I heard on a radio interview with an organizing expert that people with clutter and “stuff” have a fear of scarcity. As if letting go of something means you’ll never get it back.

After some thought, it makes sense. Most information I have in papers is duplicated somewhere. Bill collectors will still send bills. There will always be another sale. Most email is crap anyway. There is stuff I haven’t used or seen in years that is there because of some fear of chucking it in the trash. It’s insane! There is no shortage of junk, so I should rid myself of it.

And, I should also stop wanting things for the sake of wanting them. Better to stick to what I really need.

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