Thursday, November 03, 2005

Small Victory

Today I learned something that is really useful. I've had a cell phone for a while now. I only started text messaging when I worked at T-Mobile (I had practically unlimited sms). Most phones have a feature called T9 or Predictive Text. If you've ever used it, or tried using it, it freaks you out. This happens if you try to use it the same way that you use the normal text entry. Once you learn T9, which I did today, text messaging is SO MUCH EASIER! In fact, it was so easy that I taught Alma, my wife, how to do it in less than one minute. Now, she is doing it too. You can learn T9 by visiting and using the demo.

There are many advantages to T9. First, it's faster. Second, it learns words that you use. And, third, it's really easy to learn once you understand the concept. So, visit the site and learn T9. If you use SMS often, you'll be glad you learned.

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