Sunday, August 09, 2015

Is that a full circle? Coming back to online content.

Many years ago, going by Internet time, I suppose, I was all into blogging. I worked for hours thinking up things to write about and then spend hours writing it. That eventually morphed into podcasting. I spent hours recording and editing audio, which eventually led to live recordings through +BlogTalkRadio.  Finally, I started playing around with video, both recorded and live. The quality of my work wasn't great; but, it was good enough to gain some recognition and somewhat of a following.

Eventually everything that I was doing became so easy to do that just about everybody was doing it. People I knew were throwing up blogs. They were recording audio and posting to +SoundCloud. They got phones that could post directly to +YouTube. I just didn't see the value any more. So, I stopped. I'm even hesitant to Facebook these days.

This brings me to something that has become front and center in my life. Purpose.

When you have purpose, it is easier to make decisions. Either your decision takes you nearer to your purpose, or it does not.

And so, recently, I am starting to feel the need to start putting out blog posts, host shows, and record video. I feel like I have something to add to the madness of the Internet.

I am working out the details on how to pick up where I left off. There are stories out there that need to be told if only somebody took the time to capture them and make them available. There is so much going on in a community from day to day that needs to be shared.

So, here is me going back to what I used to do. I think this time will be better. Focused. I think I've circled around to where so much began for me. It is going to be fun.

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