Sunday, June 01, 2014

My Nexus 7 Died

Tonight, I wanted to cast Game of Thrones to the TV. We had spent time watching Dr Who, which ran into the broadcast time. I went to grab my Nexus 7 tablet to launch HBO Go. Except, that my tablet would not go.

I tried holding down the power button. And then I Googled how to reset holding down the power and volume down buttons. There are other steps involved which involve charging for different time periods. I don't have time tonight. I'll try to resurrect my Nexus tomorrow. If that doesn't work, I suppose there shall be a phone call to make and warranty work to initiate.

It's such a bummer, partially because I missed the big fight on Game of Thrones. But, it's also a bummer because I really rely on my tablet to get me through the day.

I only recently purchased a Kindle Touch at a pawn shop, which is surprisingly useful. Before going to bed, I have made some adjustments to my IFTTT recipes to send certain updates to Instapaper, which I can update. The rest can be done via my mobile phone, which has a more limited older version of Android. I'll have to make due. Although, I think that in the meantime, the Kindle will actually fill in quite well. It's not as smart as my tablet; but, it could readily do the same things that I expect from my tablet during my work day.

Tomorrow, I'll try to bring my Nexus 7 back to life. For now, I must go to sleep.

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