Sunday, May 18, 2014

Struggling to Write

What typically happens when I set out to write a blog post, lately, is that I have ideas and a rough outline of what I want to write. I sit down and start typing away at the keyboard. I get through a good chunk of the body and then ...that's it. 

The end product is not ready for publishing; but, I don't quite want to spend time editing either. So, the piece gets saved into drafts, and stays there. 

I have given thought to why this is. Part of it is that I am stealing away time to write a blog post. I have other things that need doing; but, there is also writing that needs to be done. However, the time spent on writing is often is short spurts and then back to doing what I was doing. The solution to this is that I should schedule time specifically for blogging. This way my mind is completely focused on accomplishing the task rather than being elsewhere. 

Another issue is that the post as written turns out different than imagined. While writing, my thoughts change as details and new considerations make their way into the post. So, the conclusion I imagined is not what results. Thus, I have to really rethink the piece. I don't know that there is a solution other than really thinking the post through prior to writing. 

I have been able to resolve this second problem, somewhat, by really outlining things prior to writing. I have notes and lists written down in my Google Keep app to serve as a guide. But, not all my posts work that way. Many are spontaneous. 

There is a book project that I want to do, which is also stalled. I have the pieces; but, sitting down to write it has been problematic. There are structural problems that I haven't resolved. I can't decide if I should write anyway, and rewrite later; or wait to get things sorted out first. I'm more inclined to the former. 

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