Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Losing weight with the slow carb diet

Since January, I have been on the slow carb diet described by Tim Ferriss in his second book, The 4 Hour Body. Essentially, you avoid all carbs during the week and go crazy on Saturday to avoid downshifting your metabolism.

The largest part of what I have been eating consists of beans, vegetables, and meat. The diet generally consists of eating the same boring foods over and over. You can mix it up, if you like. However, for simplicity, consistency, and improving your odds of success, it is better to limit your choices.

Even so, I am fortunate that my job has a cafeteria that tries to offer healthy food. Most chefs and dieticians consider carbs as part of a balanced diet, so most meals have rice, pasta, or bread. Fortunately, our cafeteria allows me to substitute other servings. If all fails, I can hit the salad bar.

This is all to say that I get some variety in my meals, which is very helpful in keeping up the diet. My only challenge is supper, which I keep simple.

My mistake was not weighing myself prior to starting. Based on my weight history, I think I was around 180 pounds. My weight now hovers around 168 pounds. I don't know for certain how much weight I have shed; but, I am at least looking better.

I still have a ways to go. I keep having setbacks during the week where I am given food that is not in the plan. So, I end up eating carbs during the week on occasion.

Overall, I would recommend the slow carb diet. It's not a lot of fun; but it works and is simple. There is no starving involved.

One alternative that also works is intermittent fasting, in which you don't eat anything every couple days. That is, you fast for one day, then eat normally for two days. It is more challenging to maintain.

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