Thursday, January 30, 2014

Update on Google Keep and Evernote Experience

 I recently wrote about my growing preference for using Google Keep rather than my long time and trusty Evernote. The problem with Evernote is that over time, it has accumulated features and a ton of notes. Evernote works well; but it is slow for me to use it for quick notes. Google Keep, on the other hand, is light weight and fast for quick notes. It is not as full featured as Evernote; but I overlook that for what I need. Well, it turns out that my situation is not an either-or.

Rather, it is and-or. Keep has a sharing intent that lets you email a note, or export it to another app..., including Evernote. So, as soon as I am through with a note, I can archive it to Evernote.

 Yes, you can archive in Keep too; but it counts against your Drive storage quota. Evernote, on the other hand, is unlimited storage. What I love about Evernote is the unlimited storage and, ironically, the search function, which is better than Google's. The ability to scan text in images has been very helpful in the past.

The idea now is to use Keep as a sort of workspace and Evernote as an archive.

There are a whole bunch of features that make Evernote indispensable for me, such as finding notes by location. I don't see myself leaving it for Keep. But, for working notes, I think keep has my attention.

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