Monday, December 16, 2013

Replacing Evernote With Google Keep and Now?

I may possibly end up putting Evernote in the back seat after upgrading to a Nexus 7 tablet, which has Google Now and Google Keep. Previously, I used an old Samsung Galaxy Tab, which ran Android 3.2, I think. The upgrade leads me to reevaluate my information stashing.

Evernote's prominent role in my life has been its universal access. I could use it from my tablet, phone, or computer. Where Evernote falls short in my current lifestyle is that its web client is very slow on my Chromebook. This is largely due to the number of notes I have in Evernote. The web client is simply too heavy with my account. I've tried it with a demo account I use for workshops, which is rather zippy in comparison.

I need to stash information in two ways: reminders and notes.

Google Now

Google Now, besides knowing game times and scores, the weather, and travel info, offers the ability to set reminders, including recurring reminders. Evernote recently added reminders; let's just say it's not as robust as Google Now. I feel bad because I had wanted Evernote to add reminders. Now that they have, I'm bailing out. In case you're thinking, "Reminders? Big deal, so what?"

The reason it's a big deal is that it uses other contexts to remind you of things, such as your current location. Such that, if you are at the grocery store, it will remind you of that item you wanted to buy at the grocery store when you are there. You do not have to remember to go look it up, the Google Now card will be there waiting for you with the reminder.

Google Keep

I was very unimpressed with Google Keep as it could not run on my old Galaxy Tab. Now that I have access, it makes total sense and makes me want to use it. Why not Evernote or Springpad? The apps are a bit more...robust than Keep. All their extra features are great; but they tend to get in the way when you want to make a quick note. Google Keep, on the other hand, is lightweight and not bogged down with features.

Of course, one would not add PDF or *.doc files to Keep as one would to Evernote. I think, that for the quick note, photo, or voice memo, Keep is better suited. Evernote is still the top choice for "serious" work.

I've only experienced Now and Keep for the past two days. My mind is not entirely made up; but, there is a good chance I've hit on how I will reorganize my note taking.