Sunday, April 21, 2013

Black and White Photos for April 21, 2013

This month, I wanted to spend a little bit of time in the monochrome space. I'm not comfortable using other monochrome colors than black, yet. I started the month OK; but, after photographing an event, which came out great, I burned out a little. It's been a few days.

Today, I visited with my in-laws and took a few photos around the house. 


The clothespin is nothing new. I've done clothespins before. There is a lot of play when it comes to depth of field and bokeh with clothespins. In this case, I wanted those elements; but, I also wanted to try a clothespin with backlight. The light in this photo is reflected from a tree trunk. The clothespin is in the shade of a car port. In this case, I over exposed. The camera naturally wants to balance out the light; but, then that leaves the details from the clothespin too dark.

Nothing too special about this light bulb. I just thought the fixture and surroundings would look nice in black and white.

Before going outside to shoot photos, I was checking the settings on the camera. My wife had her feet up while watching TV. I thought it would frame nicely. 

Again, testing before going outside. I thought this would be a challenge. White textured ceiling. White textured fixture. White smooth light bulb. Shadow. I was curious what white on white on white would do. 

My Mother-in-law has this plastic cattail and grass decoration bythe window. The lighting hit the cattail nicely. 

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