Monday, March 05, 2012

Buying Weights to Begin Strength Training

Tonight, I went down to the store with the intent to buy kettle bells to help with my recent interest in CrossFit workouts. I'm going into the fitness routine a bit slowly. I'm 37 years old and weigh 173 pounds at 5 feet 8 inches and shrinking. Sitting in front of the computer for hours on end has left me a round shadow of my glorious self.

It's to the point where carrying the 20 pound dumbbell to the checkout was a struggle. I've really let the tech weenie bit go too far.

I was shopping around for prices on weights. The kettle bells are more expensive than I imagined. A 20 pound kettle bell costs a little over 30 dollars. That's just one. A set of kettle bells could very easily set you back a few hundred dollars, if you were to buy them in pairs at each weight increment.

If you intend to use them often, I can see where they may be worthwhile to own, if you buy them as you go. However, kettle bells are like that one great clothing ensemble that doesn't go with anything else. I decided to go with the standard weight plates because I can mix and match with other bars and weights, kind of like mixing and matching your clothes.

I recognize that I could have bought some inexpensive vinyl-covered weights; but, I want my equipment to last. I have a son who will be a teen soon.

I'll slowly add on to the weight set, including a bench, as finances allow.

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