Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finally Getting Around to Dual Monitor

Tonight, I finally got around to sporting a dual monitor. Some of my friends have done so in order to improve productivity. In my case, one monitor is distracting enough in terms of productivity. Except for this one case, computer repair.

It's a pain having to plug and unplug computers into a single monitor that is shared between my home computer and the computer I am servicing. I do have a KVM switch; but, all that does is save me the manual work. I still need to switch back and forth.

In one of those strange turns of events, I wound up with an Iogear USB External Video Adapter. The device is about $60. You plug it into your USB port, and it acts like a video card. The alternative was to buy a video card that supports dual monitors.

Ultimately, having dual monitors does not help me as would be expected. In my situation, one monitor uses the KVM to help me watch the computer I'm servicing. The other monitor stays on task as my desktop, where I can keep working.

I haven't got around to the productivity stuff, yet. Perhaps I will like it. We'll see.

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Unknown said...

May be Synergy software will help you.

I'm using dual monitors with third party software in work, and it really improves my productivity. May be it reduces the performance of PC, but I don't notice anything like that.

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