Sunday, December 26, 2010

Evernote for Android Adds Checkboxes That Work

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Earlier this month, Evernote announced their updated Android app, which has some long-requested features that bring it more in sync with the iPhone and iPad versions.

Among the main features are Advanced Search, To-dos, and other updates that make using the app a much better experience.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search is great in that it allows you to better filter your search results. One problem that I've had with Evernote, lately, is that I get too many search results. That's a problem when you save as much information as I have been. This is something that was missing in previous versions of Evernote for Android. You were only able to perform a brute force search.

Check Boxes

What most excites me is the ability to click on check boxes in Evernote to mark items done. I have struggled with making Evernote my personal organizer given that it contains so much information necessary for my work. In the older Android apps, you could see check box items; but that was all.

While, the current Android app does not allow you to create new check box items, I am at least satisfied that I can mark things done. As far as adding more items, you are still only able to append text to existing notes containing check boxes.

Why Evernote?

I have increasingly relied on Evernote as a central information store. Many people will use their laptop or computer to keep track of information; which I understand completely. My work is information-related, which makes accessing information anywhere a necessity.

I have been experimenting with Springpad as a way of dealing with the To Do items; but, it gets to be a bit much switching from app to app and having duplicate data. Now that I can at least mark things done on Evernote, I am halfway towards my dream of having one inbox to rule them all.

I keep being asked why I like Evernote so much. The short answer is that I can just dump data into Evernote. Other apps require you to fill out fields or jump through hoops so your information can be properly categorized. Evernote doesn't care. Dump it; sort it out later. You can dump text, voice, photos, or documents.

Of course, once you have a chance to sit down and sort it all out, it's nice to use the same app to create actionable items. This is where having working check boxes makes a difference. Now you can create a custom search for undone items and use that as a way of organizing tasks, projects, and other items that need to be tracked.

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