Monday, November 15, 2010

Voice Generational Gap

I was reading an article by Techcruch about how younger people prefer messaging each other over voice. I wasn't quite prepared to dispute the assertion; rightfully so.

After reviewing my own family's mobile usage, it's quite obvious that there is a generational gap in phone calls. Although, it's not quite as expected.

Comparing usage between my teenage daughter, my mother, my wife, and me, there are significant differences.

Here is our October usage:

Voice: 1171
SMS: 4668
Data: 1950 MB

The Mrs.
Voice: 99
SMS: 207
Data: 87 MB

Voice: 331
SMS: 335

Teenage Daughter
Voice: 48
SMS: 8247

What does all this mean?

I don't know.

Mrs. Mata and I are almost the same age; yet she uses 1/10th my minutes. Ironically, she talks 10 times as much as I do.

My daughter's mobile minutes mostly derive from phone calls from her mom and me. She definitely prefers SMS.

As for my Mom, most of her SMS is from Twitter to keep up with me; because, we definitely don't talk on the phone much.

So, I was prepared to dive into this blog post with guns blazing; but, as you can see, things within my own household are a bit askew. How does your household measure up?

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