Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kindle and Nook For Android Brings Back Reading Whole Books

Barnes and Noble Nook eBook Readers
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Amazon and Barnes and Noble recently released Android versions of their Kindle and Nook readers. These have been a long-awaited apps on my part. I have not been able to read an entire book in years. This is mainly because I already carry a laptop and my notebooks. Carrying a book in addition is more cumbersome. Recently I finally read a fiction book. It has been years since I've read fiction.

I do not own a Kindle. Mrs. Mata recently purchased a Nook. I could never plop down the courage to buy one or the other. I'm more of a freemium kind of guy. I like to try it before I buy it. I tried the Kindle and Nook on my PC. This didn't really work for me. When I'm at the computer, I feel the urge to work or do stuff, not read. Of course, computer monitors are also not that great for reading either.

The biggest advantage to owning a reader, I imagine, is the portability. It is portability that makes Kindle and Nook apps for Android useful for me. I already carry the laptop, mobile phone, and other gadgets with me every day. A reader, like a book, would just be another item to carry. This problem is eliminated now that I can purchase and read books on my phone.

Adding to the portability is that your last read page gets updated on all your reader devices. That is really cool.

Now that I've experienced reading a book on my Android, I am more inclined to save up for a Kindle or Nook. I would most likely leave my reader at home for reading around the house. Having the ability to carry my books anywhere, even without the device, really makes the whole experience worth it for me. I'm a great fan of Evernote for the same ability to access notes and information anywhere.

Yes, reading books on my phone's tiny screen is not ideal. But, it does give me an option for those times when I have a few minutes to read here and there. Furthermore, I can now stop buying dead tree versions of books, which overpopulate my home.

I have not yet decided whether to go with the Amazon or Barnes and Noble reader. They both offer similar features and convenience. My wife opted for the Nook. So, really my choice is whether we want compatibility or an additional device in our home. I'll write another post on my considerations later.

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