Sunday, February 07, 2010

Side by side comparison of Evernote's digital ink and rendered image

It is difficult for me to explain the difference in how writing notes with digital ink is different while looking at the original ink, versus a representation of the ink notes. It occurred to me that I could take a screenshot of the original digital ink note for comparison.

This is what you would see on my public Evernote notebook.

Here is a screenshot of my original digital ink note written on the Evernote application.

You will notice that there are some differences between what you see and what I see. This does not make digital ink a bad idea; simply, your writing has to be that much neater to compensate for the differences.

This return to handwriting for me is a short experiment. I often wondered if blog scrapers would go so far as to take posts entirely written in an image and try to represent them as their own. Also, do blog readers really care if my blog post is typed or written? Presumably, it's the content that matters rather than the style, right?

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