Sunday, January 01, 2006

Kinda spaced out

After the drinking from last night's celebration, I'm feeling a little spaced out. I've had some really bad hangovers in the past. This one is not in the top 10. I think I topped out for my entire life in my youth. I took tylenol to kill the pain. I'm still not totally there. At least I can write.

I've been learning alot about blogging thanks to a book named Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright. He maintains a blog at, which is read by thousands of people monthly.

Tomorrow, I'm going to put some effort into finding a job. I'm still searching for something. I've come to realize some things and am tryig to decide my order of priorities. One thing for certain is that I'll keep working at Confetti and the Woks until I find the right job. I'll need to write down a description of what I seek so that I know where to look. I'll do that tonight.

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