Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I'm Out

I've come to terms with my need to do more. I let Liz know that I will be looking for other opportunities in 2006. I am doing all I can to prepare the team so that they can work without me. For the most part, they do a great job. There are some things that I do that they don't. I want to fix that. I also have some ideas that I wish to implement before leaving the store.

This was a tough decision for me. I like working with everybody at the store. That's what made it so tough. I want to do other things, and I wish I could take them with me. I can't. I don't anticipate how long it will take me to find the right place to work. I don't want to just jump from one place to another. I want to take my time. So, it may possibly take me months to get out. The point was to let Liz know that I am looking and may find something so that everybody is prepared when it does happen.

It's a way of quitting without quitting. The reason for giving such advanced notice is that so long as I put off making the decision of seeking other opportunities, I was effectively deciding to stay. By telling Liz, I've decided I'm getting out and now I must find somewhere else to succeed. I don't know if that makes sense.

So, if you need a nerdy guy who is a kind of jack of all trades, give me a call. Maybe we can work together. If I don't have anything by this Summer, I will focus on school.

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